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Cloning and rooting

On this virtual shelf of our growshop you will find a wide range of propagators, greenhouses, preparations and equipment. The articles help in cloning, germination and rooting of plants. Special heaters and insulating mats are also available among the offered accessories. The equipment allows to evenly heat the growing medium and stimulate the development of root systems of seedlings and cuttings. We sell individual accessories and rooting sets. Bet on proven accessories that Cheap Growing gardening store sells!

Articles for the cultivation and care of cuttings - a diverse assortment at a super price.

For cloning and rooting of plants to be effective it is worth using branded products. In our offer you will get:

  • greenhouses equipped with a digital thermostat with temperature control,

  • boosters, which are powerful stimulators that support rootingprocesses ,

  • replaceable cubes with holes made of organic materials, which allow you to conveniently place a single cut

  • tings,
  • r
  • ooting
  • set in the form of liquid fertilizers,

  • preparations that protect small cuttings from harmful fungi and bacteria,

  • gels

  • for
  • cloning,

  • pellet discs for soil, coconut and hydroponic cultivation.

Arooting padcontaining growth hormones and a waterproof container for plant propagation are other items you can buy at an attractive price.

Articles for cloning, seeding, quilting, germination - create your own plant propagation kit

In our growshop you will find accessories and kits that will provide your seedlings with optimal conditions for growth and development. These propagators will guarantee sown seeds, cuttings and seedlings the right temperature, humidity, nutrients. They will makerooting and cloning strong, durable and robust.

Do you want to provide the right environment for the development of planted herbs or flowers? Bet on products from reputable manufacturers, which you will order in our growshop. With the presented rooters, propagators and preparations, you will create an efficient and effective set forsowing, sprouting and germinating plants!

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