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Flowering stimulators

Especially in the early stages of plant development, it is necessary to provide optimal conditions for the plants. This is helped by the use of flowering and growth stimulators, which can be purchased in our store. Such products include:

  • Levo Seed Excel - a substance that ensures faster germination and the production of strong roots,

  • Atami Ata Zyme - facilitates the assimilation of nutrients and protects against soil-borne diseases,
  • GHE Diamond Nectar - increases plant immunity,

  • Advanced Nutrients Overdrive - improves crop flowering,

  • Plagron Seed Booster - aids germination of new and older seeds.

We have prepared unique sets of these products. They include fertilizers, boosters and stimulators. With them you can take care of your plants from sowing to flowering and harvesting.

How does a booster work?

Plant boosters provide support during the process of photosynthesis and uptake of nutrients from the ground. They most often include:

  • enzymes,

  • proteins
  • ,
  • hormones
  • ,
  • micronutrients
  • ,
  • amino acids,

  • other nutrients.

They do not cause changes in the internal structure, but promote the natural processes responsible for growing. Flowering stimulators are used from the very beginning i.e. planting seeds or putting seedlings into the soil. Improving metabolic processes results in a shorter growth period and a stronger crop. An example is Levo Seed Excel, which stimulates germination and rooting. Each crop species has its own needs for nutrients and micronutrients, so a plant booster should be personalized for a specific species.

Plant stimulators - are they safe?

Experience shows that using them according to the manufacturer's recommendations optimizes the process of vegetation and flowering without side effects. Growth stimulators are used to increase yields, which are also healthier. Thanks to the enhancement, plants better withstand variable conditions and are more resistant to various diseases and pests.

What crops are boosters suitable for?

Each booster is produced with a specific plant in mind. Therefore, there is a full range of agents with different applications. The most common growth and flowering stimulators are used to boost crops such as:

  • cannabis,

  • strawberries,

  • currants,

  • raspberries
  • ,
  • peppers
  • ,
  • tomatoes,

  • ornamental flowers.

Besides, growth boosters and flowering stimulators can be divided in terms of their mode of action. They help in, among other things:

  • building strong root systems (Advanced Nutrients B-52),

  • setting fruit (Canna Boost)
  • ,
  • improving disease and pest resistance, (Atami Silic Boost)
  • ,
  • stimulating plant and fruit growth (Advanced Nutrients Bud Blood).

Plant Booster should only be applied according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Only this method of application will ensure optimized growth and fruiting. It will contribute to the development of healthy and strong crops.

If you care about obtaining the highest productivity of your crops, you will certainly be interested in the stimulators available in our offer. We invite you to order them and wish you a successful harvest. We sell the products at competitive prices.

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