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Reverse osmosis filters


So-called tap water has ingredients in it that can slow down the growth process of plants or affect the uptake of fertilizers. To get crystal clear liquid, reverse osmosis comes to the rescue. This is a purification process in which special water filters play a key role - you can find and order them in the category below. We offer such products as:



  • ,

  • with a capacity of 75 and 125 GPD.

It is possible to supply complete sets of water filters for plants, such as:

  • ECO GROW 240, 480, 800 and 2000l/h,

  • RO systems- 2+1, 5+1,

  • GROW MAX 3000l/day.

Thanks to reverse osmosis, water is devoid of:

  • kamienia,

  • bakterii,

  • wirusów,

  • zarodników,

  • grzybów,

  • soli.

Spontaneous osmosis and reverse osmosis - the course of the processes

To understand this process of water filtration, it is necessary to know its naturally occurring prototype. Osmosis is the phenomenon of equalizing the concentrations of two substances by means of a semi-permeable membrane. This creates isotonic solutions of equal composition of a particular product. Reverse osmosis filter causes a change in the direction of flow of liquids. Therefore, thanks to it, you get highly polluted water in a special tank, and crystal clear water in another. Such a product can successfully be used for food purposes, as well as for growing plants.

Structure of semi-permeable osmotic membrane

In domestic conditions, equipment equipped with cylindrical water filters is usually used. For plants grown hobbyistically and professionally, these are devices that demonstrate sufficient performance. Some of them allow filtering up to 3,000 l/day, for example, the GROW MAX set. This way you can provide them with sufficient hydration. The osmotic membrane needed for reverse osmosis has an extremely low porosity - it is the size of 0.0001 microns, or 10 million less than a millimeter. Such a barrier, at the right pressure, allows water to flow without harmful substances or contaminants.

Elements necessary for the operation of reverse osmosis

The product without which the process will not take place is the reverse osmosis filter. It can be placed in a specially constructed device, to which running water must be connected. Such an installation works on the basis of an overflow, so contaminated substances must be discharged into the sewage. For this purpose, appropriate plumbing pipes are used. Installation of the equipment is very simple, and even people with little plumbing knowledge will certainly manage to carry it out. In this way, you can ensure a great product for irrigation of home crops and plantations.

Reverse osmosis system allows you to provide plants with optimal quality water. It is free of harmful compounds, scale, fungi or spores. Filters available in our online store will meet the expectations of even the most demanding people. We invite you to place orders - we guarantee attractive prices and express delivery.

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