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Ventilation ducts

Placing a growbox at home allows you to create the perfect environment for your crops. However, the tent itself is only the beginning, as you still need, among other things, to achieve the right ecosystem:

  • ventilation ducts,

  • fans,

  • filters
  • ,
  • humidifiers
  • ,
  • CO2 generators
  • ,
  • sound att
  • enuators,
  • ventilation speed controllers,

  • substrates
  • ,
  • controllers
  • .

The plant ventilation ducts visible at the top of the list prove to be indispensable. In anszej offer you will find soft products made entirely of aluminum, ALU/PVC pipes and hard products with increased resistance to damage.

Why are vents and ventilation ducts so important for plants?

The vast majority of crops got their start outdoors. Plants are therefore designed to grow, germinate, produce inflorescence and bear fruit outdoors. It is therefore necessary to create similar conditions for them at home. The most important thing is the proper regulation of air flow. Photosynthesis, which is carried out by the vast majority of plants, requires:

  • sunlight,

  • water,

  • carbon dioxide.

While enclosures are usually lighted and ventilated, water must be supplied to them on its own. The same is true of carbon dioxide, which may not be present in adequate concentrations. This is especially noticeable in crops located in rooms where people are not permanently present.

If the growbox has been equipped with holes, the place of installation and the diameter of the pipes is limited by the tent manufacturer. In other cases, it is necessary to think about the individual arrangement of air entry and exit. An ALU/PVC ventilation duct works great for this. It allows you to run the duct at large angles without worrying about bending or damage. It is resistant to the effects of light and very durable. Properly installed ventilation ducts of this type will provide plants with proper internal circulation.

What else is necessary for efficient ventilation?

Passive air circulation for plants with special needs may not be enough. Therefore, it is worth putting or hanging a fan in the tent to improve ventilation. It provides the following benefits:

  • forces air movement,

  • prevents point heating of plants,

  • imitates natural wind conditions.

Movement inside the tent is important, but air draft is equally important. The ventilation duct alone is not capable of forcing circulation, so here duct and radial fans will work well. Their choice is adapted to the volume of the growbox. The formula for determining its capacity is as follows:

volume of the room in cubic meters * 12 = capacity of the device.

The tightness of the system is ensured by solid and durable worm clamps, which are worth using when installing reductions, tees and connections to the devices. For the highest quality connections, self-adhesive aluminum tape is used.

You may find that air movement generates noise. For plants, of course, this is not a nuisance as for householders it already is. With the help of acoustic silencers, which are installed before or after the fan. The ventilation duct should then be adjusted to the length of the set.

Principles important in the selection of ventilation ducts

Absolutely paramount is to determine the volume of the growbox. In this way it will be possible to create a scheme for the circulation system. While the ready-made kit has holes adapted to the diameters of the ventilation ducts, self-made objects can be adjusted accordingly. You can choose products with diameters from 100 mm to 400 mm. If it is not possible to create uniform threads, you can successfully reach for size reductions. For larger sized rooms, distributors in the form of angle tees have also been prepared. Fans that generate gusts inside the tent must take up as little space as possible. Their design should allow the equipment to rotate to provide air movement for each plant. It is also important to choose filters that will neutralize various odors.

As you can see, the ventilation duct for plants is very important when building a growbox. Both these components, as well as various mounting accessories, including ties and reductions, can be ordered from our online store.

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