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Ventilation for growing plants

If you want to buy a fan for growing plants in a growbox, in this category you will find equipment that meets your expectations. We offer a wide selection of all kinds of equipment adapted to the requirements of both the smallest and very large plantations. In addition, you will order from us a variety of components necessary for the installation and proper operation of the growbox fan, such as various cables or other connecting and insulating elements. We carefully select all the products collected in the assortment, so you can be sure of their high quality and durability of use.

The importance of the fan for growing plants in the growbox

Ensuring adequate air circulation is a key condition for the proper cultivation of plants, which is why the growbox fan plays such an important role. Its efficiency determines the amount of carbon dioxide supplied, which allows photosynthesis to take place, a process necessary for flowering and, as a result, the expected yield. Malfunctioning ventilation, or even more so the lack of it in an enclosed facility, leads to a decrease in growth efficiency and, consequently, a reduction in crop results.

Another issue that makes the fan an essential part of plant breeding is that it affects the temperature in the growbox. The devices available in our assortment prevent overheating of the leaves and thus protect them from drying out. This is also due to the fact that by evaporating the humidity, they enable the air to maintain its proper level. Often underestimated or even overlooked at all is the fact that a properly applied plant fan improves the condition of the plants' stems - it strengthens and thus protects them from breaking due to the weight of their own fruit.

Investing in a device that provides adequate air circulation makes it easier to ensure that the crop is grown in optimal conditions that most closely resemble the natural ones. This translates directly into faster plant growth and, as a result, a maximum, fully satisfying yield. It also reduces the risk of diseases that can even cause the culture to die. All the above-mentioned issues significantly affect the performance of the crop, so it is definitely worth ordering high-quality growbox fans from a reliable source, and our online store is one such source.

A wide selection of proven fans for growing plants in a growbox

In our offer you will find both ducted and radial models. When choosing a particular unit, pay attention first of all to its efficiency, which is determined by the m3/h indicator, that is, in cubic meters per hour. It indicates how much air a particular crop fan can process in 60 minutes. In this case, exactly what capacity should the device have? For this purpose, you can be guided by the power of the HPS bulb used in the groxwbox, setting 2/3 of its value as the appropriate level for the efficiency of the fan. So, if the power of the lighting reaches 150 W, for example, the efficiency of the device should be about 100 m3/h.

Slightly more complications arise if you use a light source other than HPS bulbs. If you have it, it will be necessary to calculate the cubic volume of the growbox, and then multiply the resulting value x 60. The result obtained approximately indicates the efficiency of the grow fan, but assuming that the other elements, namely lighting and humidity, are properly matched. Buying from our store gives you the assurance that the declared efficiency of a particular device is in accordance with reality. Thus, you are guaranteed that its use will be safe for plants, which can be a problem with equipment from an untested source.

No matter what kind of growbox fan you want to order, you will get it in our store. We provide an exceptionally wide selection of hundreds of products tailored to the requirements of growing plants of any type and for plantations of any size. Feel free to browse through this category and place your order!

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