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Programmers and controllers

On this virtual shelf of our online garden store you will find modern devices and accessories. With them you will create automatic systems for lighting, irrigation, heating, ventilation, fertilization. We offer both mechanical and digital timers. The catalog includes branded controllers, timers and controllers, which will provide optimal conditions for growing plants in the growbox during a prolonged absence.

Wide assortment, attractive prices, reputable brands - these are the key advantages of the growshop Cheap Growing. We invite you to shop!

Time programmers, controllers, climate controllers - automate your indoor cultivation

In the store you will find a wide selection of time programmers for crop management. We offer both mechanical models , which are reliable and easy to use, anddigital models , which provide greater flexibility and precision.

With high-tech controllers and climatecontrollers ,you can schedule the time to turn lights on and off, the time to sprinkle plants and other activities in your growing calendar. Some devices can be supervised using a phone app for added convenience and practicality.

Analog and electronic timers - modern controllers and controllers for growbox crop management

The use of mechanical control lersand digital controllers makes it possible to precisely manage the growing processes of indoor plants. This saves time, ensures constant environmental conditions and optimizes growing efficiency. Thechoice between analog and electronic timers depends on individual preference and budget.

It is important to choose equipment from a trusted supplier that offers high quality and reliable equipment and products from reputable brands. Cheap Growshop is a specialized gardening store where you can find various models of timerprogrammers. In our growshop you will complete the necessary mechanical controllers, timers and digital controllers.

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