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Reflective films - reflecting light

Mylar film and mylar film

It's difficult to get the right lighting conditions for crops at home. That's why reflective film that reflects light works great, especially in growboxes. In our online store we offer the following models of these products:

  • MYLAR - provides mirror-like properties, its thickness is 0.05 mm, great absorption of thermal radiation and fully reflects light,

  • 3-layer white film - great for dividing the room into growth cycles,
  • reflects light very well, food approved, non-toxic,

  • Diamond - equipped with shape memory membrane, resistant to creasing, reflects light very well
  • ,
  • Silver and black and white film.

With the right selection of elements, you can provide your crops with ideal conditions for growth.

How to arrange artificial lighting?

Growing plants at home involves proper preparation of the place. Most often LED, CFL or HPS lamps are installed there, but they have some limited possibilities. Reflective films, which reflect light, allow you to extend their effect. Depending on the area of illumination, you may find that the rays fall on the plant in question pointwise. Accessories available in our store, such as Mylar, help disperse them throughout the growbox.

To effectively organize a grow room, you need to take into account its cubic capacity. Usually these are small interiors built with high vertical walls. Therefore, Mylar reflective film is available in our store in rolls of 1 to 2 m in width. In this way, you can effectively pad the walls and ceiling with it. For joining the overlaps, metallized tape with similar properties to the films is excellent.

Features of reflective film

Currently, you can find products on our website:

  • black and white,

  • single or multi-layer,

  • silver,

  • mirror.

These are items that have no harmful effects on plants. Thanks to their non-toxicity, they can be used in homes and with fruit crops - they are approved for food production. Each reflective film is made with technology that allows protection from the penetration of light rays into it. This results in maximization of transmitted light and savings associated with the choice of artificial lighting power. In addition, Mylar reflective film has insulating abilities. It can be used on walls, ceilings, as well as under the ground layer.

For many growers, the durability of the product used is important. Despite the fact that the item is very thin, it was constructed to be resistant to crushing and tearing. The shape memory membrane - present in some models - is responsible for this. Thanks to it, Mylar reflective films have the ability to self-repair in case of minor crushing. All this makes the product very durable and, when properly stretched, becomes an integral part of the growing facility.

Why use reflective films?

High light savings, ideal distribution of light around the room and a real impact on plant growth are the reasons for using reflective films. They can be used in an apartment, basement, attic or garage. Wherever light distribution is needed, Mylar film will work perfectly.

We invite you to order these products in our store. In addition to reflective accessories, in other categories we also offer fertilizers, boosters or ventilation ducts. We have everything you need for home plant cultivation.

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