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CFL energy-saving lamps

In this category we offer energy-saving CFL lamps for growbox, which are used to illuminate it. Thanks to them you will provide plants with access to the light necessary for the process of photosynthesis. Collected in our assortment of products, popularly known as fluorescent lamps, are made with fluorescent technology and guarantee many advantages that make it worthwhile to use them in certain cases. In our store you will find copies with different wattage, amount of light emitted and size, so you can easily match them to the needs of your crop.

What distinguishes energy-saving CFL growbox lamps is their specific, spiral, elongated shape. Their popularity is largely due to their low power consumption, which reduces the cost of growing. They are ideal for crops planned for weeks or even months - not only because of their energy efficiency, but also because of their excellent stability and performance when operated continuously. CFL lamps are especially recommended for growboxes of small size and for people who are taking their first steps in growing plants.

Energy-saving CFL lamps for growbox - ideal for beginners and small crops

The light sources gathered in this category are simple to install, which only requires access to an E40-type socket. The lack of external instrumentation and small size are often the most important aspects of choosing just energy-saving CFL lamps for a small growbox. This is the ideal lighting for beginners also from the perspective of safety, since the relatively low temperature to which the light sources offered in this category heat up practically eliminates the risk of overheating the interior of the growing facility.

In favor of reaching for CFL lamps for a growbox is their very long life. In this respect, equipment made with fluorescent technology is superior to HPS or MH bulbs, which simply shine for a shorter time, and even several times. This translates into even greater energy efficiency, for which the products in our range are famous. For more professional and larger-scale crops, some growers use CFL lamps for the growbox in the pre-flowering stage.

Incandescent or CFL light bulb?

If you are just beginning your adventure with growing and rightly plan to start with a small number of plants in a small space to develop knowledge and experience step by step, the energy-saving CFL lamps for growbox gathered in this category will be the best lighting for this stage. With them, you will safely and easily implement yourself into this unique and engaging hobby, learning its secrets one by one.

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