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In this category, of our online store, every person interested in indoor growing will find and order a grow box tailored to their needs. We sell, among others, complete sets with equipment, models for beginners and versions for more experienced growers. We also have the tents themselves, which can be retrofitted, with all the accessories according to individual expectations. We offer constructions for starting a home plantation, which come only from the best manufacturers. With us you can order them at competitive prices. We also provide professional support for all those who are starting their adventure with home cultivation.

Growbox - what is it and what is it used for?

Each growbox is a tent constructed for indoor cultivation, in which you can grow various plants, providing them with the right conditions for growth. Thanks to it, it is possible to create a space in any home well suited to their requirements. Not having your own garden or allotment does not have to be a problem! The design allows you to precisely control the temperature, which is relatively easy to maintain at the required level in a tight (though ventilated) small space. This is done using, among other things, special lighting kits, which, in the case of growboxes available in our store, can be installed very quickly. Since the structure is closed, the light generated by them remains inside and reflects off its walls thanks to the presence of a special material on them.

The same happens with the smells, although it should also be remembered that some aromas get outside the tent into the indoor crops and it is necessary to neutralize them. For this reason, in our store we also sell high-quality ventilation systems. The set consists of, among others:

  • fans,
  • ventilation ducts,
  • carbon filters that neutralize odors.

To create optimal conditions for the development of the crop, the grow box should additionally be equipped with a timer programmer. It is used to automatically turn the lighting system on and off depending on the time of day.

All of the above elements can be ordered in our store, but we also offer ready-made sets containing the required components and additionally pots, soil or fertilizers. Deciding on a ready-made set, you save time and gain confidence that it is properly selected and all components fit together perfectly. For this reason, we recommend growbox sets primarily to beginner growers who lack sufficient knowledge of how to build a grow tent on their own.

Grow box set - the best choice for beginners

Instead of spending valuable hours on laborious assembling and completing more elements yourself, it is worth ordering a ready-made grow box kit, which contains everything you need to ensure optimal development of plants. If necessary, some growers invest in additional equipment, such as an air humidifier, which makes indoor growing even more effective. An indispensable accessory is also a thermometer for controlling the temperature inside the structure, and a hygrometer, using which the humidity level can be measured on an ongoing basis.

What dimensions of the growing tent to choose? This depends primarily on the number and size of the plants you intend to grow. In the offer of our online store there are indoor growing structures of different heights and widths, which allows you to precisely match their parameters to the individual needs and requirements of the grower. Thus, you need to be guided in the purchase of lighting, calculating the right number of lumens taking into account the area where the plants will grow. It is also necessary to decide on the technology of light sources used in the tent.

Growing indoors? It is possible thanks to growboxes!

A characteristic feature of growboxes dedicated to both beginners and advanced growers of plants and herbs is the draping of the inner walls with reflective materials. This is a conscious effort to optimize the use of radiation, so as to provide the best possible illumination with the lowest possible lamp power. This effect is compounded by the excellent reflectivity of the light rays through the surface of the walls.

Choosing our store and ordering a growbox for indoor growing, you can provide plants with optimal conditions for growth without much trouble. Controlling specific parameters is simple and even less experienced people should manage. This is a key aspect of any successful cultivation, which translates into a handsome, satisfying harvest. An important advantage that distinguishes the tents available in our offer is their versatility. They are suitable for growing most plants and herbs, and since the plantation is started at home, it can be done all year round.

In our store we sell many models of grow boxes at attractive prices

In this category we have collected structures for indoor growing in various sizes, which always come from reputable brands that enjoy great trust among experienced growers. Despite this, regardless of the model of the ordered product, its price is always competitive. Those who are just beginning their adventure with such cultivation should choose one of the ready-made sets of growboxes for beginners of small size, so that in case of any mistakes the losses are as small as possible. They cost very little, so this is the best way to get your first experience in running a home plantation.

In our online store we also have tents without equipment, which you can later retrofit yourself. This is a choice for more experienced growers. Also with them in mind, we recommend the largest growboxes in our offer, with an area of several square meters. This is the best proof that large-scale indoor growing is also possible!

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