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Reflectors and Cooltubes

Adequate lighting is one of the most important factors for the proper development of cultivated plants. Our online store offers high-quality reflectors for lamps for growing vegetables, fruits or flowers requiring special light conditions. We offer carefully crafted lampshades and cooltubes, which are sure to prove themselves as equipment for your greenhouse or growbox. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer of our store and invite you to contact us.

The importance of proper illumination of crops

On our website you will order at an affordable price a good quality lamp reflector, so that your plants will be provided with an adequate supply of light that will enable them to photosynthesize. Lighting with a good number of lumens is especially suitable for crops isolated from sunlight, for example, exotic flowers or fruits. The price of the product depends on its size and type. We sell both small cooltubes and large umbrella-shaped shades.


Reflectors, CoolTubes, ventilated reflectors. WING (adjust-a-wing) type reflectors, CoolTube Ventilution and Prima Klima, Daystar, Xtrasun, mirror type, hammered, parabolic umbrella type reflectors. Designed for HPS, MH, CFL lamps.

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