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Carbon dioxide - CO2 gas for plants

All crops require the creation of a suitable environment. Effective yields depend on proper irrigation, the supply of nutrients and sufficient light. Carbon dioxide, which is responsible for crop size and quality ,also plays an important role. To distribute CO2 to plants duringindoor growing ,we suggest proven generators. In our garden growshop you will also buy controllers, cylinder regulators with pressure gauges and mounting accessories.

Distribution of carbon dioxide - bet on proven CO2 generators for plants

The intensity of photosynthesis depends on the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. A higher concentration of this compound leads to an increase in plantmass . In the store Cheap Growing we have prepared a wide selection of accessories for the production, distribution and measurement of CO2. On sale at all times are:

  • mats,

  • tablets

  • ,
  • smart bags,

  • boosters with pump and hose.

The above generators are essential for growing in light and waterproof tents. Distribution of carbon dioxide is efficient and safe. Thanks to them you will provide the right amount of CO2 to plants grown on different substrates, whether in a growbox, propagator or home greenhouse. This is a cheap, simple and effective solution forindoor growing.

Carbon dioxide production and measurement devices - indispensable equipment for indoor growing of plants

The CO2 distribution generators offered in the growshop are proven and safe accessories. The articles are needed for horticultural indoor growing. You will also order acarbon dioxidecontroller at a favorable price . The meter is easy to use and allows you to check the concentration level of this inorganic chemical compound needed for seedling growth. You can choose between analog and electronic devices. The latter are equipped with easy-to-read displays.

You are cordially invited to purchase one. For all those who are starting their adventure with growing plants in special tents, we provide professional support!

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