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Complete cultivation sets

Your hobby is growing plants, but you don't have room for them? We have a solution for you! Different sized ready-made growbox sets are a great way to diversify and green up the space around you. They are especially suitable for small rooms, where lush plants could create a cluttered or cramped effect. Growing sets allow any plant-breeding enthusiast to grow even the most exotic shrubs, flowers or herbs. Among the assortment of our online store you will find complete plant growing sets, equipped with appropriate filters, temperature regulators or lamps. We encourage you to familiarize yourself withthe company's website.

Growbox kits

Our offer includes fully equipped growbox sets for growing various types of shrubs or flowers, especially exotic and heat-loving ones.The manufacturer anticipates that plants requiring special conditions will be grown, so each growbox available in the store has:

  • lamps and reflectors, which will provide the crop

  • with
  • the appropriate level of illumination,

  • thermo-hygrometer with temperature sensor,

  • air filter and ventilation system,

  • electronic timer to regulate, for example, lighting time.

In addition to this , thekits we sell include dedicated exotic flowers soil, pots of different capacities and ceramic granules. Thus, you can start growing indoor plants from scratch and diversify the decor of your apartment.

Visit our online store and choose the mostattractive product for yourself. Feel free to shop on our site.


Complete sets of properly configured equipment such as lighting, ventilation, growbox, filter, soil and pots, as well as fertilizer suggestions

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