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Temperature and humidity measurement

Precise measurement of temperature and humidity is necessary to maintain optimal growing conditions in the growbox. For this purpose, it is worth using a thermometer with a hygrometer to control the room, a device available in the offer of our online store. A temperature or humidity measuring station costs from tens to even hundreds of zlotys. Findout why it is worth investing in such devices and what to follow when choosing a particular model. In this category we have gathered the most interesting and useful monitoring tools.

Types of thermometers with humidity measurement function

When choosing a humidity thermometer, it is worthwhile to see what the differences between the various products are, as well as their main advantages and disadvantages.

Stick-on thermometer

A bimetallic humidity thermometer is inexpensive and easy to use. It is placed directly on flat and transparent surfaces, such as properly prepared, cleaned and degreased glass. Mounting on adhesive tapes is relatively permanent. The results of temperature and humidity measurements are checked directly on a traditional scale.

Weather station - thermo-hygrometer

Thermo-hygrometers in the form of simple or elaborate weather stations, which are mounted in growboxes, among other things, are considered an indispensable part of home growing equipment. The sensor at the end of the cable is placed between the plants or next to the light sources to obtain precise measurement results. When choosing a particular thermometer model, pay attention to such parameters as:

  • accuracy of results,
  • range of measurements
  • ,
  • type of power supply
  • ,
  • dimensions and weight,
  • characteristics of the LCD screen.

The smallest and cheapest variants are compact, battery-powered, but also lack extensive functionality. In our store you will find digital and analog models, which are worth compiling in terms of error tolerance. Athermometer that additionally tests humidity has applications in home plant cultivation, and more broadly in the food industry or archiving.

In more modern, more advanced and more expensive units, you can counton such advantages as:

  • additional functions, e.g. frost alarm, calendar, alarm clock,
  • long transmission range,
  • easy installation by setting or hanging,
  • backlighting of the easy-to-read LCD screen
  • ,
  • wide range of measurement of indoor and outdoor temperature,
  • long wires for probing,
  • storage of results.

Why order a thermometer with a hygrometer?

Home cultivation of plants requires special and constant control of the conditions in the room. Like a thoughtful choice of lamps or other equipment, a thermometer with a hygrometer function is the basis for effective cultivation. If the temperature is too high or low, or the humidity deviates from that appropriate for the plant species, the consequence can be slow growth or even the complete destruction of the crop. Only regular and actually constant measurements guarantee effective control and safety of plants.

Professional stations available in our online store are affordable devices that provide satisfactory performance in growboxes, among others. Their functionality, precision and reliability are appreciated by beginners and more advanced growers.

In the category you are just browsing, we have also included devices that allow you to modify humidity, such as increasing it through ultrasonic humidification. It's good practice for conscious growers to record measurement results or any measures to increase control over humidity and temperature. Investing in a modern station from one of the recommended manufacturers is among the elementary measures regardless of the scale and nature of the crop.

An interesting solution for larger premises is a variant of temperature and humidity measuring stations with several wireless sensors that simultaneously transmit results from the points where they are suspended or erected. This type of thermometers with a hygrometer provides even more effective control of basic cultivation parameters than standard, low-cost analog devices.

If you have any questions about choosing the right model, contact our experienced team.

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