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Hydroponic substrates

Do you want to grow exotic flowers and shrubs at home? In theoffer of our online store you will find high-quality expanded clay forhydroponics, i.e. chemically inert hydroponic substrates for growing various species of plants at home. Here you will buy ceramic granules, which will allow you to maintain the right water level in a pot or growing tray or growbox for a longer period of time. Such substrates reducewater evaporation, providing the culture with more moisture, which translates into better growth and development of crops.

Reusable substrates

Creating exotic plant compositions, or hydroponics, is a very popular way to bring beautiful plants from remote rainforests into our homes, and in the right conditions for their development. Since these species need high humidity, a good solution for their healthy cultivation is to use, in addition to potting soil, expanded clay, or ceramic granules. It retains water in the soil for a longer period of time and provides plants with more efficient absorption of water, as well as facilitates the uptake of oxygen from the air.

Our online store offers reusablegranules and expanded clay, consisting of one hundred percent chemically inert substances. Most often these are baked clay balls or ceramic granules. These products do not react with the soil, so they can be safely used for breeding exotic species.

We invite you to take a look at the offer available on the site and choose the best items for yourself.


Substrates designed for hydroponic growing. Including ceramic pellets/pebbles (not expanded clay).

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