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CMH (315W and 630W)

Are you involved inhome cultivation of exotic plants or hydroponics? If you're growing demanding species at home, it's worth taking care to provide them with the right amount of light. Natural sunlight in temperate climates may not be sufficient for species from warmer climate zones. The solution to this problem can be high-quality CMH lamps, which will provide crops with proper lighting, especially important during the flowering period, as well as the development of seedlings. Our online store offers products from various manufacturers to help you take good care of your plants.

CMH lamps of different wattages

Properly selected lamps are a very important factor when it comes to the healthy development of your culture. Lighting should be selected according to the size of thecrop and the species of plants being grown to meet their individual requirements. The power of CMH lamps isspecified by the manufacturer on the packaging of the article.Most often it is 315W or 630W.

In our online store you will buy at an affordable price both good quality efficient and reliable lamps from brands such as Tophort or Philips, as well as power supplies and product kits. A wide selection of equipment will allow you to properly take care of your not only domestic, but also large-scale, greenhouse crops. We invite you to read the detailed offer available on our site and choose the best quality equipment. Theprice of each item is in accordance with the manufacturer's suggestion.


315w and 630w line of products

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