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Plant irrigation systems

On this page we have prepared equipment, accessories and preparations needed for watering. In the category of irrigation equipment there are, among others, efficient and quiet water pumps. This is modern equipment that can work both submerged in liquid and outside in classic soilcultivation .With us you will also order complete plant irrigation systems. The assortment includes lightweight, compact and collapsible water storage tanks, hoses, handles, gaskets, horticultural hydrogels, moisture regulators. We offer products from the best manufacturers. We sell them at attractive prices!

Irrigation systems - professional equipment for growing plants in growboxes

In our offer you will find a ready-made drip irrigationsystem for crops. You can choose models with a different number of drippers (hoses with tips), which allow you to water from several to dozens of seedlings at the same time. Depending on the model, the composition of the kit includes a water pump, a tank with accessories for suspending the tank, connectors, stoppers, wires for mounting the dispensing line.

Among the most important advantages of the presented plant irrigation equipment is the ability to:

  • self-adjustment of the valve system according to your preferences

  • setting drippers to any capacity at the desired location on

  • irrigation

  • ,

  • cooperation with a timer, which allows you to schedule watering time.

Drip irrigation system for plants in growboxes will provide the right conditions for growth. Only an efficient water pump and durable accessories will make your cultivation effective.

Accessories and preparations for irrigating crops

In the growshop CheapUprawianie.pl you will complete all the necessary accessories for irrigation. In addition to efficient pumps, complete irrigationsystems ,you will also buy preparations for regulating the level of humidity. Thanks to them you will prevent excessive drying of plants. Horticultural hydrogel is another product that provides crops withnutrients and is a kind of waterstorage . All growers are welcome to place orders!

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