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In this category we have gathered a wide range of gardening tools and accessories at a good price. We offer a wide selection of different types of products that are used by growers regardless of the level of sophistication and type of plants grown. Check out what we have prepared for you!

Our growshop provides accessories that are essential for growing. We offer reusable vacuum-sealable bags with a pump, as well as heat-sealable bags, which are useful for storing or transferring seeds or crops. Specialized bags for pollen separation are also available. When planting or harvesting crops, highly accurate electronic or pocket scales will help.

Professional accessories for growing a garden

The accessoriessold by our growshop make taking care of plants extremely easy. This is possible, among other things, thanks to comprehensive sets of gardening tools. You can also find wires in many lengths, cutting wires, various shrub shears or stabilizing plant poles. Accurate measuring cups and pipettes help ensure good conditions for crops, while moisture regulators allow you to control soil hydration. To monitor the conditions, there are weather stations, also available in wireless versions, which simplifies their operation. You will also order from us pocket microscopes or illuminated microscopes, as well as convenient and handy hand and pressure sprayers and caps equipped with a practical faucet.

In accessories for growing a garden, we have gathered professional tools to help plants grow in optimal climatic conditions. To ensure the right temperature for the culture, it is worth buying insulating mats, heaters or heating walls, as well as timers, light controllers and fan speed controllers. All gardening tools are distinguished by very high quality, which translates into reliability in operation.

We sell trays for seeding plants and elbows and flexible nets for shaping the growth of more developed plants. The assortment includes a variety of growing aids, such as scented wildlife repellents, horticultural hydrogels for flowers, activated charcoal or spray feminizers.

Wide selection of breeding accessories

For professionals and cultivation enthusiasts, we have prepared specialized equipment and tools. There are hydraulic presses, netting and gardening accessories for drying seeds or leaves, mechanical trimmers in various sizes, and comprehensive complementary or replacement sets, such as tables or blades.

We have effective rodent traps, duct tape, and gardening accessories in the form of disposable, comfortable overalls, head flashlights and light-filtering lamps that make it real to see the actual appearance of plants. This is equipment that elevates growing to a higher level of professionalism.

We encourage you to learn more about our offer and order the garden tools you need. By choosing our products, you are betting on quality and professionalism at a good price!

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