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Professional growing media

This assortment includes high-end articles adapted for the care of seedlings in the indoor and outdoor system. Cultivationof plants requires the use of asuitable substrate. Much depends in this context on the method of cultivation. The online store TanieUprawianie.pl offers growingmedia from respected manufacturers (including Plagron, Biobizz, Canna). The products are available in many variants, differing in both the purpose and the size and weight of the packaging. All of them you will order easily and conveniently to the indicated place.

Growing media - specialized substrates for growing in soil, coconut, hydroponics

Our offer includes growingmedia for both soil and soilless culture. Among others, we have coconut, rockwool, hydroponic substrates, as well as special trays for seeding. We guarantee that every farmer or gardener will find the right soil for their crops withus . Specially developed formulas of growing substrates will help create optimal conditions for rooting of seedlings and proper germination and maturation.

The offered growing earths are specialized substrates for growing plants. The products are rich in mineral fertilizers, organic substances, which ensures that the seedlings receive proper nutrition. The store also offers various additives, including:

  • perlite - which loosens and increases the airiness of the growingsoil , accumulating heat and stimulating vegetation,

  • horticultural hydrogel - for application in dry or wet form,

  • ceramic granules - designed for hydroponic culture and for drainage in pots.

  • Placed on top of the soil layer, it reduces evaporation,

  • volcanic

  • pumice
  • - mixed with

  • the
  • growing medium

  • , it
  • makes the soil for plants well hydrated and aerated.

Under each product is given the gross price, to which the cost of delivery should be added.

Trays of growing soil - practical substrates for growing plants

The products are made of raw materials that promote even flow of water and air. Cultivationsoils in the form of trays provide the right environment for sowing and germination of plants. This is a great alternative to traditional plastic pots. Specially designed cubes with holes allow convenient placement of a single seedling in the soil.

The biggest advantage of these items is that they allow you to locate many seeds in a small area. Seedtray is a practical solution for smaller home grows, as well as professional garden/greenhouse grows.

Doyou want to guarantee optimal development conditions for your plants? Bet on proven cultivation products , which you will find in the store TanieUprawianie.pl!

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