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pH regulation

The presented additives are valued among indoor farming enthusiasts. The preparations allow increasing or decreasing the level of acidity in the water. The agents contribute improve the quality and quantity of crops. On this site you will order products from many reputable brands, including Canna Minus, Plagron Plus, among others. These are specialized fertilizers needed for hydroponic cultivation. ThepH regulator is available in liquid and powdered form. We sell a variety of package sizes, allowing you to optimally match them to your current needs.

pH regulators - professional means for hydroponic plant growing

In hydroponics, the correct pH ofwateris important . The right size of the pH makes it possible for plants to absorb the maximum amount:

  • nutrients,

  • minerals,

  • micronutrients

  • ,
  • amino acids,

  • salts and vitamins.

After adding fertilizer, check the concentration of hydrogen ions H with a special meter. If it is too low, it should be corrected with Regulator Plus. When the level is high , theMinusis recommended , which acts as a reducer.

Most plant species have specific preferences for the degree of acidity. Only its optimal level makes the root systems effectively take up the right amount of nutrients and begin to grow. Too low or high a pH level is the cause of inhibition of growth, maturation and flowering processes. To counteract this, it is worth using professional and proven pH Plus/Minus regulators. You can buy them in the store TanieUprawianie.pl!

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