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Green House Seeds Powder Feeding

GREEN HOUSE brand stands for the highest quality products that optimize growth and flowering. Powdered substances are devoid of unnecessary salts and contain the most necessary nutrients and minerals. We offer 4 types of these fertilizers:

  • Grow,

  • Long Flowering
  • ,
  • Short Flowering,

  • Hybrid Plants.

These mixtures are designed for different types of plants and are completely safe to use.

The first in this list of GREEN HOUSE fertilizers, Grow is optimized for the growing season of crops. The Long Flowering variety is designed for plantations with an extended flowering period of 9 weeks or longer. The Short Flowering proposal is a product adapted for plants flowering for less than 2 months. Hybrid Plants is reserved for all hybrid seedlings and can be used for varieties flowering from 8 to 10 weeks.

If you want to give your crops the best environment, reach for products from GREEN HOUSE. Feel free to contact us and wish you a successful shopping experience - we guarantee the highest quality fertilizers!

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