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Measurement of pH and EC

One of the key elements of any crop is soil with the right parameters. Among its most important properties is pH, that is, the value that determines the degree of alkalinity and acidity, which you will measure with the equipment available in this category. The proper development of the culture depends on it, so it is so important to check it regularly. Only it gives you the opportunity to take remedial action in case of abnormal deviations of this parameter. You will order from us various types of equipment for precise and effective monitoring of its value.

Importance of soil pH for plant cultivation

The health of plants depends on many factors, but among the most important is the soil, specifically its pH. It affects the efficiency with which roots absorb the nutrients in the soil, which directly translates into their condition. If acidity and alkalinity are disturbed, abnormalities in the uptake of chemical compounds necessary for proper development can occur. Both too low and too high soil pH harms plants, so to avoid the associated danger, it is worth using the cultivation meters offered in this category.

What symptoms can indicate an incorrect level of this parameter? As a result of under-absorption of minerals due to too low acidity, yellowing of leaves can occur. Such a condition spreads and passes to other parts of the plant, as a result of which it grows more slowly and sometimes even dies. Similar symptoms appear when the pH is too high, so in practice it is difficult to know whether the pH level is too low or, conversely, above normal. It is for this purpose that you should use the soil meters offered in our store, which you will use for any type and size of crop.

What soil pH is optimal for plants? It depends on the specific species, but for the most part it closes in the range from 5.5 to 7.5. Soil with such parameters, as a rule, guarantees the most effective uptake of essential nutrients, which translates into the health and optimal growth of plants. Nevertheless, always make sure what value the pH meter should indicate to be considered correct for the species you are growing or intend to start growing. Remember, too, that the stability of soil acidity is also important for the development of breeding, so frequent changes in this parameter can bring harmful effects to the crop.

A wide selection of precision soil pH meters

Given its importance of pH for plants, regular use of a meter should be a habit of every grower. For this purpose, it is worth using proven, practical and precise devices available in this category of our online store. With them, you will accurately check the key parameter of the soil and make sure that plants can effectively develop in the correct soil conditions. In our offer you will find high-quality electronic pH meters, which allow you to perform the test in no time by inserting the tip into the soil and after a while getting the desired result.

The proposed equipment is equipped with an easy-to-read display that shows all the parameters. Indeed, in addition to the acidity itself, the sold devices give access to many other functions, allowing, among others, monitoring of temperature, humidity or the EC parameter, which determines the electrolytic conductivity of the solution. Using soil pH meters, you can effectively take care of your culture, as they are very accurate in operation. This way you can be sure whether the soil is in the correct condition, or whether it needs to be acidified or, on the contrary, to increase its alkalinity.

In the category below you will order not only a pH meter for cultivation, but also the necessary accessories that are used to test the properties of the soil. These include fluids for calibrating the equipment, preparations for cleaning it, test kits or specifics for protecting electrodes. Regardless of the products you order, you can be sure that they are original and come from a trusted source.

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