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Providing grown plants with all the necessary nutrients, especially during the flowering period, is a very important factor for proper crop growth. Our online store offers the highest quality Canna fertilizers, containing all the necessary micro and macro elements, enzymes and mineral salts. With the right fertilization, your plants will develop properly and guarantee you an abundant crop. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer and choose the best means for cultivation.

High-quality fertilizers for crops

The articles available on our website are high-quality means, such as conditioners, nutrients, nutrients for various types of crops. The manufacturer offers unique nutritional granules and liquids suitable for any type of substrate. Thestore offers such product categories as:

  • mixtures of important elements and compounds to promote flowering, designed for growing ornamental plants,

  • single substances such as nitrogen or magnesium to create your own nutrient mixtures,

  • ecological and gentle to the soil means to protect crops from pests, weeds and mold,

  • organic pH regulators.

Each Canna fertilizer is dedicated to a specific type of plant, thus providing exactly what a crop needs to produce a good yield. The price of each product depends on its capacity and purpose. We invite you to shop at our online store.


Canna is the oldest and most popular Dutch company producing specialized fertilizers on the world market.

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