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Metrop specializes in producing high-quality liquid nutrients for agriculture, 
horticulture and hobbyists. Through years of testing and development, Metrop's approach to plants has become
fundamentally different from most other manufacturers of fertilizers and crop additives.
They focus on providing the plant with nutrients that can be absorbed
mostly during each phase of the cycle - growth and flowering. The products are composed
in cooperation with two laboratories, each with separate
nutrient production facilities. Because of Metrop's unique approach and the fact that they use different
elements for fertilizer products than other fertilizer suppliers , Metrop are able to achieve greater NPK differences,
which gives growers, better and greater vegetative growth. Metrop does not compromise on quality,
and therefore nutrient elements are free of cadmium and other heavy metals, reducing trace chlorine content.
This means a healthier and better-tasting end product for both grower and consumer.
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