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Autopot, systems and accessories

Autopot is an automatic irrigation system that works just as well for home crops as for large commercial plantations. Thanks to the gravitational principle of operation, it does not need any additional equipment powered by electricity. So it always works efficiently and without failure. If we wish, it is possible to modify or expand the Autopot irrigation system to suit a specific type of crop.

How is the Autopot system built?

Autopots are mostly available in ready-to-use kits, where each module is equipped with a pot intended for the plant being grown. The available capacities are varied, so it's easy to match them to specific requirements. So we have small kits like 1POT with four 15-liter pots, medium ones - Easy2Grow 12x8.5l and large ones (60x8.5l), and for the largest hydroponic crops - huge Autopot kits, which are equipped with one hundred pots of fifteen liters each!

Each product is sold with a specially designed irrigation tray that fits into the pot, a water valve (the so-called flush) to control the flow of water into the saucer, piping that connects the subsequent components of the system, and a reservoir to store the water solution and nutrient solution.

How it works.

The central part is the tank in which we store the combined nutrients and water. Connected - by means of tubing - to the "flushers" that are in each of the trays (pots are placed in them). The reservoirs are above the pots, which allows the solution to flow down the tubes on its own, so that the trays under the pots can fill up - without the risk of being flooded, because the cisterns watch over this. The term "cistern" is associated with the mechanism found in every toilet, and this is no coincidence, as it works on exactly the same principle.

The nutrient solution is successively absorbed by the plants, making its level in the tray decrease. The decreasing amount is a sign for the valve, which opens, feeding the crop a new portion of nutrient. This process is constantly repeated until the main tank runs out of water.

Why it's worth it.

First of all, because the Autopot system means full automation in crop irrigation. We do not have to constantly watch and control how the work is going, because only when the nutrient solution from the tank is exhausted, we have to replenish it. Importantly, there is no need to purchase additional equipment: programmers or electric pumps. This is also associated with the fact that the system does not consume electricity and does not produce annoying noise.

It is worth taking an interest in hydroponics, because it is a fairly easy, rewarding way of growing plants. A very good option for people who do not have much time to look after their specimens, and who want to create their own little green oasis at home. Autopot kits and accessories help with this.

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