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In this category of our growshop we offer fertilizers designed for plants and herbs to increase the yield, quality, smell, amount of resin produced. Using them on the plantation, you can count on optimal growing results. Rich harvests and reduced risk of disease and fungal development are among the benefits of their use. A wide range of different types of preparations allows you to choose a product suitable for each type of plantation. We offer products from the best manufacturers and sell them at attractive prices.

A wide selection of yield-enhancing fertilizers for plants and herbs

Yield-enhancing preparations available in our growshop are sold in versions:

  • organic,
  • mineral,
  • mixed.

The composition of organic fertilizers dedicated to various plants and herbs includes only natural additives. When using them, it is necessary to pay attention to growing conditions, including, in particular, air temperature and soil pH and moisture. Such fertilizers are often used for small organic crops.

Mineral fertilizers sold by our growshop, on the other hand, allow growers to provide plants and herbs with exactly the amounts of individual minerals and nutritional elements that are necessary for their proper development. Their use is not the simplest, for this reason they are recommended for advanced and intermediate growers. If a beginner uses this type of fertilizer, we recommend reducing the dosage recommended by the manufacturer by up to half. Very importantly, their use allows you to obtain high taste and aromatic qualities of plants and herbs maturing at home, but you should thoroughly rinse the plants before harvesting.

Growshop - fertilizers for plants and herbs from the best manufacturers!

We offer a lot of modern and proven plant and herb fertilizer preparations that come only from the best manufacturers in the world. However, it is important to remember that when using the fertilizers available in our growshop to increase yields, we recommend contacting our team to adjust the dose of fertilizer to your specific situation (especially for beginners). The mishandling of these products, including, most importantly, the application of too much preparation, can have very negative consequences, including burning the plants, reducing the yield and its quality. For this reason, the recommended dosages are listed on the label of each product, along with a detailed description of application. Since we have many years of experience in the industry, we always offer professional support to growers. Just contact us - we will be happy to answer all your questions!

We guarantee that the available products for fertilizing plantations have gone through a careful selection. With us you can order a fertilizer that meets your individual needs and the requirements of your crop. We have hundreds of yield-enhancing agents that support the development of plants and herbs, and they are sold in our growshop at competitive prices. We invite you to buy - we make every effort to ensure that orders reach customers in the shortest possible time. We also encourage growers to visit our stationary stores!

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