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Lighting for plants

In this category you will find professional lighting for plants. In the individual subcategories, the assortment of our store includes:

  • energy-saving lamps for plants - CFLs,
  • accessories, reflectors, cooltubes,
  • power systems
  • ,
  • lighting sets
  • ,
  • LED lamps, CMH, HPS, MH, Super Dual.

Each equipment is selected for efficiency and reliability of operation, so it is the perfect equipment for your cultivation at home. Lighting for plants from the store CheapUprawianie.pl includes products from reputable manufacturers - GIB, OSRAM, Phillips and others. Compare the technical parameters and application of each form of lighting, and then order the best suited to your cultivation!

Lighting accessories and kits

In our store you will buy all necessary accessories for lighting installations, including:

  • terminal connectors,
  • wires,
  • plugs,
  • sockets
  • ,
  • programmers
  • ,
  • pendants
  • ,
  • power supplies,
  • rails and motors.

You are also welcome to order power supply systems and complete lighting kits sold in separate subcategories.

LED lamps for growing plants

The advantage of lighting for a plant of the LED type is the energy-saving nature of the lamps, which generate a relatively low temperature. In our store you will order, for example, rails, mounts or, finally, the light sources themselves, the use of which is primarily to support the process of plant flowering.


Among the professional lighting for home cultivation are sodium bulbs, recommended for growth and flowering phases. The CMH subcategory includes 315 W and 630 W products.

HPS lamps

Modern HPS lamps are the most popular lighting for crops in houses, tents and greenhouses (for illumination). Individual bulbs in this category are appreciated for their high light output and effective performance during the flowering phase.


If you are looking for lamps tailored to the vegetative and growth phase, MH models from top manufacturers (e.g. Tophort, Phytolite) are great for rooting plants. These are metahalogen bulbs, usually mounted on a standard E40 thread. They work in horizontal and vertical positions, and their service life is counted even in tens of thousands of hours.

Super Dual lamps

Specialized lighting for plants of the Super Dual type is a combination of MH and HPS bulbs, which provide light for the entire growing cycle. They use two fluorescent tubes, also found in metahalide bulbs and high-pressure sodium lamps.

CFL energy-saving lamps

An important advantage of professional crop lighting is low power consumption, so we encourage you to check out our range of energy-saving lamps for CFL plants, which generate a relatively low temperature. For example, a model marked with a parameter of 125 W actually consumes 85 W of current.

Reflectors and cooltubes

We invite you to check the assortment of subcategories with reflectors and cooltubes adapted for CFL, MH and HPS lamps. These include Adjust-a-Wings Enforcer aluminum reflectors manufactured using patented Australian technology.

Thanks to the use of the solutions available in our store in closed growing spaces, you can easily simulate the different seasons. We invite you to place orders!

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