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Growing pots and trays

Do you need containers and pots for growing herbs or flowers? Our online store offers affordable high-quality square and round plastic pots and inexpensive growing trays, which are perfect for both the garden and the apartment or balcony. Among our assortment you will also find potcovers that will make your plants look perfect. Feel free to shop on the website and choose the best pots for your needs.

Plastic pot and various types of pots for the home

In our onlinestorewe offer a wide selection of containers for growing. Here you will findcheap growing pots and trays made with the utmost care from various types of materials. Among other things, we sell pots:

  • plastic

  • ones
  • both smooth and perforated,

  • breathable fabric ones that provide plants with

  • a
  • greater supply of oxygen,

  • with
  • different capacities and shapes, for example

  • ,
  • square

  • ,
  • rectangular or round,

  • ecological peat

  • pots.

The offered pots and trays are made of moisture-resistant, air-permeable materials, thus facilitating the proper development and growth of plants .Each product available in our assortment has the appropriate approvals and is suitable for home and garden cultivation of flowers, fruits, herbs or vegetables. Theprice of theitems depends on their capacity, shape, material they are made of and the like. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the detailed offer of our store and contact us.


Plastic growing pots and trays of various types, together with saucers. Square pots, round pots, AIRPOT, AutoPot.

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