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The use of artificial plant boosters is not the most beneficial for plants. These fertilizers are easy to overdose and are not well absorbed by the soil and root system. It is different with Biotabs products, available in our store, which contain only organic ingredients. They are characterized primarily by:

  • 100% naturalness,

  • fast assimilability,

  • prolonged release time of nutrients,

  • presence of soil bacteria and fungi in useful forms,

  • possibility of use in organic farming.

Fertilization - why is it so important?

Soil does not always have ingredients in the right amount for a particular crop. That is why Biotabs bio-fertilizers are used to replenish micronutrients and nutrients. They provide plants with optimized conditions for beautiful growth and flowering. Plantations absorb large amounts of nitrogen from the soil, which is necessary for their proper functioning and development. Therefore, both before planting and during the life of the plant, it is necessary to remember to replenish it. Besides, under the influence of heavy rainfall, minerals penetrate deep into the soil, reducing its fertility. The use of organic fertilizers is great for improving the composition of the soil and influencing higher yields.

Reasons to use Biotabs organic fertilizers

The most important advantage of Biotabs products is their all-natural composition. They are prepared from organic matter, which is good for the soil. In addition, they facilitate fertilization, which is extremely important in the case of bio fertilizers. In addition, they have a prolonged effect and do not cause rapid changes in the development process of plants. This allows them to have a more balanced ripening and flowering process, resulting in healthier fruits and a more abundant harvest. The presented organic fertilizers for plants qualify for organic crops, which are particularly subject to rules on the use of additives. As a result, they can be used both at home and on larger acreages.

Everything you need for your crops can be found in our online store. We also invite you to check out the products in the other categories!

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