Producent Airontek

Airontek is a leading manufacturer of innovative solutions in the field of air conditioning technology, offering comprehensive climate control systems for different types of spaces. Our company is distinguished not only by the high quality of its products, but also by its innovative design approach that provides efficient and energy-saving solutions for our customers.

In our wide range of products you will find some of the most popular solutions:

  1. Portable Air Conditioners: Our portable air conditioners are the ideal solution for those who need fast and effective cooling in a variety of rooms.

  2. Thanks to modern technology, our units not only provide a comfortable temperature, but also clean and fresh air.

  3. Wall Air Conditioners: Our wall-mounted air conditioners are the perfect choice for those looking for a permanent solution for room air conditioning

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  5. Available in a variety of sizes and wattages, they provide effective cooling even on the hottest days.

  6. Recuperative Ventilation Systems: Our advanced ventilation systems with recuperation are the ideal solution for those who care about fresh and clean air in their homes or offices. With recuperation, we recover heat from the exhaust air, which saves energy and ensures optimal conditions for users.

With Airontek, you can be sure that you are not only getting high-quality products, but also support and advice from our experts. Choose Airontek and enjoy comfort and efficiency in any space!

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