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Autopot Set 1Pot 24x 15L pot + Flexi Tank 400L
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Autopot Set 1Pot 24x 15L pot + Flexi Tank 400L

AutoPot Universal Irrigation System .

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Discover the versatility of the AutoPot system - a universal solution for irrigation that is perfect for growing a wide variety of plants, both edible and ornamental. Regardless of your experience and cultivation location - at home, in the garden or in a greenhouse - AutoPot guarantees optimal conditions for your plants. Take advantage of the benefits of hydroponic or traditional cultivation, in soil, coir or mineral wool. Thanks to its automatic operation, AutoPot will save you time and allow you to enjoy healthy plants and bountiful harvests, without fear of over-drying. Why choose AutoPot? This system offers numerous benefits: - Forget about daily watering - AutoPot will do it for you. - You can leave the system unattended for up to two weeks. - AutoPot operates on the principle of gravitational pressure, it does not require power, pumps or special connections. - Thanks to the closed circuit, the system saves water and fertilizers - everything is used by the plants. - You don't have to constantly monitor pH/EC. - AutoPot is easy and intuitive to use. - The system is characterized by low maintenance costs. - You can freely arrange the pots, and there is no limit to their number. - AutoPot makes cultivation simple and automatic - ideal for busy hobbyists and commercial growers. AutoPot is a system that adapts to the needs of your plants. After connecting the pots to the tank and filling it with water and the appropriate nutrient, the system irrigates the plants according to their needs thanks to the AQUAvalve dispenser. Set specification: The AutoPot set consists of 24 trays with covers, 24 square pots with a capacity of 15L, 24 AQUAvalves (flush), 24 copper and fabric square mats, as well as 24 meters of 6mm hose, 24 T-type connectors 6mm and T 2x16mm, 1x6mm, a Flexi Tank with a capacity of 400L, 2 taps 16mm, 2 caps for 16mm hose, T-type connectors 16mm, quick connectors with 16mm filter and 12 meters of black hose with a diameter of 16mm.

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