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Lumatek LED Zeus 1000W PRO

Lumatek LED Zeus 1000W PRO

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  • Lumatek LED Zeus 1000W PRO

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- Very high efficiency up to 2.9 µmol/s/J

- Very high PPF efficiency for high intensity of 2925 µmol/sec.

- Unique and innovative large folding frame designed for wider rectangular coverage

- Excellent light dispersion and distribution in a2.0x1.5 m growth area

- High quality Lumatek LED drivers

- New Clear Glue protective cover technology on LED strips

- Balanced full spectrum of light

- External control possible with Lumatek Control Panel Plus 2.0

- Interchangeable magnetic light bars 100W Pro 2.9

- Fully adjustable power
- User-friendly plug & play installation

-5 year warranty


- 10 x Lumatek 100W Pro 2.9 Full-Spectrum Magnet Light Bars.

- 1 x folding frame structure with 2 x 500W Pro Incorporated drivers + connecting cables

- 1 x 0-10V light dimmer + Velcro

- 2 x metal cable hangers

- 1 x instruction manual


PERFORMANCE: up to 2.9 µmol/J

PPF: 2925 µmol/s

INPUT VOLTAGE: 220-240 V, 50-60 Hz

INPUT POWER: 1025 W (±5%)

footprint: 2.0x1.5m


LIFE: 60,000 hours


LIGHT SOURCE: Osram and Lumileds higher specification LEDs.

THERMAL MANAGEMENT: Passive cooling.

DIMMING: OFF-25%-50%-75%-100% with 0-10V light dimmer (included)

EXTERNAL CONTROL: With Lumatek Digital Panel Plus 2.0 or 0-10V universal controller

WEIGHT: 17.5 kg

DIMENSIONS: 1700 x 1219 x 48.2 mm

SPECTRUM: Full spectrum F

BTU: 3497 BTU/h.

At Lumatek, we like to work with an eye on the future, so we are pleased to introduce the Zeus 1000W Pro. Zeus 1000W Pro is an innovative luminaire with a unique frame that provides unique coverage in the LED horticulture industry with its pioneering rectangular shape. Providing the largest rectangular coverage area from the single largest linear luminaire on the market, the Zeus 1000W Pro is designed to create the best light distribution for large-scale crops. Once again, innovation is brighter than ever.

The higher specification Lumatek Zeus 1000W Pro LED is a linear, multiband luminaire with a folding frame, providing an extremely high PPF of 2925 µmol/s and very high efficacy of up to 2.9 µmol/J.

With advances in technology and luminaire performance, high-quality LED horticultural lighting is now a reliable option offering a significant return on investment for growers. Lumatek's full-spectrum LED horticultural solutions balance the quality of light (spectrum) with the quantity of light (intensity and duration), ensuring even light distribution and uniform spread.

The effectiveness of the luminaire will vary depending on the input voltage used.

The Zeus 1000W Pro produces ultra-high levels of PPFD evenly distributed over a 2mx1.5m growing area and a full spectrum of light for cultivation, providing consistently high quality and high performance indoor cultivation. This luminaire has a larger rectangular folding frame with an ingenious layout that creates an even spread of light in close proximity to the cultivation area, allowing single-source illumination for multi-tiered cultivation systems, single benches in low rooms and cultivation tents.

The new Zeus line is built using high-quality Lumatek drivers and the latest generation of top bin LEDs from Lumileds and Osram, generating a full-spectrum light source ideal for vegetation and flowering cycles. Another new feature of the line is the Clear Glue shield technology on the LED strips; this results in higher light transmission of 99% with no loss of light, extended LED life, additional corrosion resistance and high IP65 water resistance. For basic maintenance, simply clean the strips with damp cotton.

Lumatek has pioneered innovative modular magnetic LED light strips.

For different varieties, propagation periods and vegetative growth, Zeus can be dimmed without sacrificing performance. The high-efficiency, low-power LED configuration with 10 interchangeable magnetic LED strips per click reduces LED temperatures, increasing output and improving light maintenance.

Lumatek LED Zeus 1000W PRO

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