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-50% Terra Aquatica GHE Humic 1l Organic growth promoter
  • Terra Aquatica GHE Humic 500ml Organic Growth Stimulator - 1 - is an organic stimulator that improves the absorption of substanc

-50% Terra Aquatica GHE Humic 1l Organic growth promoter

is an organic stimulator that improves nutrient absorption, consists of ligno-humus material...

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Terra Aquatica Organic Plant Growth Stimulator GHE Humic 500ml

Terra Aquatica GHE Hum ic is a high-quality organic growth stimulator that helps plants better absorb nutrients. Formulated with ligno-humic material, it not only promotes plant growth, but also contributes to the health and balance of the soil ecosystem.

Product Features:

  • Ligno-Humus Material:
  • Consists of
  • tree debris and humus, which further strengthens the soil structure.
  • Stimulates Microbial Activity
  • :
  • Terra Aquatica GHE Humic stimulates microbial activity, which improves the uptake of nutrients by plants and reduces their need for water.
  • Compost Accelerator: It can also be used as an accelerator in compost production, which speeds up the decomposition process and increases the nutritional value of the compost.
  • Versatile: The formulation is suitable for any plant, at any life stage and for any substrate
  • .
  • This makes it a versatile product that can be used in a variety of conditions.

Dosage and Capacity:

Dosage: For soil/hydro/aero - 40ml/10L. As a foliar spray - 25ml/10L of water.

Capacity: 500ml

Choose Terra Aquatica GHE Humic - an organic growth stimulator that will make your plants healthier and more beautiful!

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