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Advanced Nutrients 3 x 1l Grow Micro Bloom kit
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Advanced Nutrients 3 x 1l Grow Micro Bloom kit

5-in-1 Grow, Micro and Bloom are the base nutrients for growers accustomed to using a...

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Revitalizing Nutritional Set Advanced Nutrients 3 x 1l: Grow, Micro, Bloom

Discover the power of three elements - Grow, Micro and Bloom - in one unique nutritional set, ideal for experienced cultivators. Advanced Nutrients™ is the most innovative and complete three-part nutritional system available on the market.

Grow, Micro and Bloom are not only basic nutrients, but also valuable supplements that will boost your garden's performance to previously unknown levels. The set includes:

1. F-1 (fulvic acids)
2. H-2 (humic substances)
3. amino acids
4. Wet Betty (non-ionic surfactants)

The pH Perfect™ technology was created to make it easier for you to add the solution and maintain the optimal level of chelation. Thanks to it, plants have unlimited access to the highest quality vitamins and minerals.

Using pH Perfect™ Technology, you don't have to worry about the pH level of the solution. The new formula automatically adjusts the pH to optimal indicators. Combining the optimal pH level with innovative chelation processes opens the door to a new cultivation standard for growers.

Grow, Micro and Bloom are the full spectrum of nutrients of our advanced, three-part feeding program. Combined, they create the perfect hydro fertilizer, providing optimal nutrition. If you desire rapid growth, high yields, and incredible plant quality, choose Grow, Micro, and Bloom.

• Healthy plants and maximum growth.
• Pharmaceutical-quality ingredients.
• More trace elements than competitors.
• Absorption of nutrients with a wider pH spectrum.
• Concentrated, economical formula.
• Ease of use.

The three-phase feeding program Grow, Micro, Bloom is incredibly easy to use. We suggest a 1:1:1 ratio, but we don't limit you - you can apply the 1:2:3 or 3:2:1 ratios, which may be suitable for traditional growers. Thanks to the system's flexibility, you can adjust it to your individual needs and preferences. Remember to add the ingredients in the order: first Micro, then Grow and finally Bloom.

Below we present a table of Advanced Nutrients fertilizer dosing:

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