Growbox- basic information
   06/10/2024 11:50:34
Growbox- basic information

How to choose the right growbox Disclaimer: This article is intended for Poles living in Germany and all Poles living in countries where marijuana is legal. In Poland, growing cannabis is illegal and severely punished. The guide can be used to grow herbs and healthy vegetables.

How to choose the right growbox?

Choosing the right growbox is a crucial step for anyone who wants to start growing plants in controlled conditions. In this article we will focus on growbox tents by RoyalRoom, but we will also mention other reputable companies such as Secret Jardin, Hydro Shoot, Homebox and Mammoth.

What is a growbox A growbox is a special tent or cabinet that allows us to grow plants in controlled indoor conditions. Thanks to the growbox, we can precisely control light, temperature and humidity, which translates into optimal conditions for plant growth.

Why choose a RoyalRoom growbox RoyalRoom is a reputable brand offering high-quality growbox tents, which are valued for their durability, functionality and ease of use. Here are some reasons why you should consider buying a growbox from this brand:

Sturdy construction: RoyalRoom tents are made of durable materials that ensure long life and resistance to damage. Effective ventilation: Thanks to an advanced ventilation system, RoyalRoom tents provide adequate air circulation, which is crucial for healthy plant growth. Reflective inner coating: A special coating inside the tent effectively reflects light, which increases lighting efficiency and promotes photosynthesis. RoyalRoom growbox sizes RoyalRoom offers a wide range of growbox sizes to suit different needs:

RoyalRoom 40x40x120: Ideal for growing one plant, this compact growbox is great for small spaces. RoyalRoom 60x60x140 or 60x60x160: Popular sizes that allow you to grow 1-4 plants. These growboxes are suitable for beginners and more experienced gardeners. RoyalRoom 100x100x200: A medium-sized growbox that will accommodate up to 6-8 plants. RoyalRoom 120x120x200: A large growbox, suitable for more advanced users, that can accommodate up to 10-12 plants. Other companies and their products Secret Jardin Secret Jardin is another popular brand offering high-quality growboxes. Here are two examples:

Secret Jardin Dark Room 40x40x120: A compact model that is ideal for one plant. Secret Jardin Dark Room 60x60x160: A popular model that will accommodate 1-4 plants, with an advanced ventilation system and vents. Hydro Shoot Hydro Shoot is a line of growboxes from Secret Jardin, offering more budget-friendly options:

Hydro Shoot 40x40x140: An economical growbox, suitable for one plant, with a basic ventilation system. Hydro Shoot 60x60x160: A larger model, ideal for 1-4 plants, with enough ventilation holes. Homebox Homebox is a brand known for its sturdy and durable growboxes:

Homebox Ambient Q60+ 60x60x160: A medium-sized growbox that will accommodate 1-4 plants, equipped with a robust ventilation system. Homebox Ambient Q120 120x120x200: A large growbox, suitable for 10-12 plants, with an advanced opening and ventilation system. Mammoth Mammoth offers a variety of growboxes, known for their high-quality materials:

Mammoth Lite 40x40x120: A compact model, ideal for a single plant. Mammoth Pro 120x120x200: A professional growbox, suitable for more advanced users, can accommodate up to 10-12 plants, with an advanced ventilation system and mounts for lighting. How to choose the right growbox When choosing a growbox, there are several key factors to consider:

1. growbox size Choose a growbox with the right size depending on the number of plants you plan to grow. Different brands offer different sizes, allowing you to tailor your choice to your specific needs. Popular sizes are:

40x40x120 or 40x40x140: Ideal for one plant. 60x60x140 or 60x60x160: Suitable for 1-4 plants. 100x100x200: A medium-sized growbox for 6-8 plants. 120x120x200: A large growbox for 10-12 plants. 2. Plant type Think about the type of plants you want to grow. For autoflowering (autoflowering) plants, you don't need to change the light cycle because they flower automatically after a certain period of time. In contrast, light-inducing (photoperiod) plants require changing the number of hours of light per day to start the flowering phase.

3 Lighting Lighting is a key element in growing plants in a growbox. Here are some sample lamp wattages for different tent sizes:

Growbox 40x40: LED Cosmos lamps of 50-100W or GOAT lamps of similar wattage. Growbox 60x60: LED Cosmos lamps of 150W or GOAT lamps of 150-200W. Growbox 120x120: LED Cosmos lamps of 400-600W or GOAT lamps of 400-600W. 4. Ventilation Good ventilation is crucial for plant health. Choose a growbox with enough ventilation holes and the ability to install fans. It is also a good idea to install an activated carbon filter, such as Prima Klima or Airontek, to control odors and provide fresh air.

Summary Choosing the right growbox is an investment that is sure to yield many benefits in the form of healthy and lush plants. Remember to tailor the choice to your needs and conditions, and pay attention to the quality and functionality of the tent. With the right growbox, such as those offered by RoyalRoom, Secret Jardin, Hydro Shoot, Homebox and Mammoth, you can enjoy fresh herbs and vegetables all year round.