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People growing plants in their own home or planning to do so, need to supply themselves with many accessories, devices, tools and preparations - at favorable prices they can be ordered through our growshop based in Gdansk. We offer a wide selection of products designed for enthusiasts of home cultivation, who care about the best possible harvest. Using our offer, you can buy, among other things:

        growboxes - special tents for growing,

        ventilation systems,

        agents for neutralizing odors,

        specialized filters,

        measuring devices.

We offer articles useful at many stages of cultivation, that is, starting from planting, through plant growth, and ending with harvesting and drying. Thanks to them, managing and controlling the crop is easier, and its productivity is much higher.

Our growshop sells products for both small and very large crops. You can order the right products from us regardless of what species of plants you plan to grow. Everyone can count on us for a wide selection of articles for growers we guarantee express delivery of orders.

Mariana Pelczara 14/1, 80-175 Gdansk

We invite you from Monday to Friday from 9 - 17 and on Saturdays by telephone appointment.

Phone: 533-359-025 Rafał (Mon-Fri 9-17)


Growboxes for the discerning:

In our Growshop in Gdansk and Katowice you will find a selection of growboxes that will meet even the most sophisticated expectations. For professionals and amateurs, we offer a variety of sizes and configurations, providing ideal conditions for the development of your plants. Check out our collection of growboxes and raise your cultivation to a new level.

Growboxes by Firm Royal Room, Secret Jardin, Mammoth, Homebox, HerbGarden are the most recognizable and best quality grow tents. All of them in large quantities we have in stock. With professional advice on site at the store, you will choose the right and best tent for your needs. The most important in the selection is, of course, the size of the tent in length and width, however, tents come in different heights and you should also pay attention to this.

The second aspect important in selecting a tent is the number of vents. You need to make sure that the number and location of them in the tent will meet your requirements, although today most tents are already adapted, practically for any situation.

The third important thing to pay attention to is the thickness of the material and the quality of the finish, good growboxes will provide you with light impermeability resistance for the material's rubbing, for example, when moving the tent.

Another last important issue is the way of opening, make sure that the way of opening and in the case of larger growboxes also the number of entrances suits you. All these issues will also help you solve our employee at Growshop in Gdansk. 

LED lamps - Energy Efficiency:

In the LED lamps department you will take your cultivation to a whole new level. We offer the latest LED technology that not only saves energy, but also provides optimal light for plants at every stage of growth. We assure you that our LED lamps are not only efficient, but also available at competitive prices so that every enthusiast can enjoy the latest in plant growing.

LED lamps are currently the most preferred lamps by customers, and no wonder. They provide a lower temperature during cultivation, are safer than HPS, are easy to connect and do not require external power supplies, have a good area of illumination, that is, they are simply large and cover the growing area well and evenly. They provide slightly faster flowering, and a very high quality yield. 

Most LED lamps also have power regulation, which allows to use less energy, for example, when starting plants, but also to reduce heating and light intensity when working in the growbox. 

HPS lamps - Tradition meets modernity:

For those who value tradition, we offer HPS lamps that provide a proven and effective light source. Our collection of HPS lamps combines proven technology with modern solutions, allowing for the full spectrum of light needed for plant growth and flowering. Find the perfect HPS lamp for your crop at our Growshop in Gdansk or Katowice. 

The pros of using HPS lamps include: 

- reheating cooler rooms

- faster drying of the air, which leads to better evaporation of water from the pots, and this helps the roots a little to get rid of water standing too long especially on the bottom of the pot, which can lead to root rot.

- LED lights properly used and used with MH lights (e.g., on vegetation) allow you to get the maximum yield that other conditions and plant genes allow. 

Fertilizers from reputable brands - Canna, Plagron, Biobizz etc.

Your plants deserve the best, which is why we offer fertilizers from reputable brands such as Canna, Plagron and Biobizz. Our Growshop in Gdansk is the place where you will find a comprehensive range of fertilizers, tailored to different stages of plant growth. We make sure that you have access to the highest quality ingredients from proven manufacturers.

Join the community of plant growing enthusiasts at and see how our Growshop in Gdansk raises the local standard by offering a wide selection of top quality products for plant growing enthusiasts everywhere.

Canna fertilizers - one of the most popular fertilizers for industrial hemp and beyond in the world. In Europe it was certainly a pioneer. For many years a bestseller now displaced, for example, by Advanced Nutrients. Fertilizers are good, affordable and have a wide range of products for different applications. They also produce soils, Canna Terra Professional and other substrates. 

Plagron fertilizers - very popular fertilizers especially in the Netherlands and Austria. Plagron was the second major well-known fertilizer company available in growshops.

They have a huge range of different products in our opinion they are mediocre fertilizers like Canna, but their three products deserve special attention:

- Green Sensation- a holy flowering booster, the top when it comes to the world market

- Seed Booster PLUS- an agent that accelerates and increases germination

- Plagron BATMIX- a growing medium enriched with bat guano. Plagron has a wide range of different types of growing mediums, all of which perform excellently. 

Advanced Nutrients- Currently the most popular and best-selling fertilizers on the cannabis market. They have a very wide-perhaps the largest array of products, fertilizers and additives. A very extensive assortment ensures that you can choose anything using only their company. On top of that, the fertilizers are of very good quality, the basics provide the right pH for the plants, so you don't have to adjust the pH during cultivation. They have a lot of fertilizers rich in micro-organisms such as Trichoderme and various types of bacteria for better assimilation of fertilizers, resistance to higher temperatures, root protection. This is definitely a fertilizer brand worth recommending. In our Growshop in Gdansk and Katowice it is these fertilizers that we have the largest quantities.

Many other brands of fertilizers such as DutchPRO, Samurai, Metrop, HESI, Terra Aquatica (former GHE), Biobizz, Biocanna, Biotabs.

You will get all these things along with free professional advice on product selection in our Growshops located in:

Katowice at Roździeńskiego 188B Street

Gdansk on Mariana Pelczara Street 14/1