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ATAMI CalMag, 5l, extra magnesium and calcium
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ATAMI CalMag, 5l, extra magnesium and calcium

A professional and fast-acting additive for use on all types of substrates.

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ATA Calmag is a professional and fast-acting supplement that can be applied to various types of substrates. It's a nutritious cocktail that provides your plants with additional calcium and magnesium. These components are essential for optimal plant growth as they play a key role in the creation of cell walls and the absorption of light energy. Calmag is particularly recommended for use with soft or demineralized water. It is a high-quality addition to a regular fertilization system.

Enrich water with low calcium and magnesium content with ATA Calmag, or use it as an addition to a regular fertilizer solution. For optimal results, use water at room temperature (21 ° C).

Add 0.1 to 1 ml of Calmag per 1 liter of nutrient solution.

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