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ATAMI CalMag, 1l, extra magnesium and calcium
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ATAMI CalMag, 1l, extra magnesium and calcium

A professional and fast-acting additive for use on all types of substrates.

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ATA Calmag - Your reliable plant supplement

ATA Calmag is an advanced supplement, quickly responding to the needs of various types of substrates. It is a real nutritional cocktail that provides your plants with the necessary doses of calcium and magnesium. These nutrients are key to optimal plant growth, playing a vital role in the process of creating cell walls and absorbing light energy. ATA Calmag is an excellent choice for use with soft or demineralized water and is a valuable addition to regular fertilization systems.

Enriching water with ATA Calmag

With ATA Calmag you can enrich water with low calcium and magnesium content, or use it as an addition to a standard fertilizer solution. Remember to use room temperature water (21 ° C) for optimal results.


Add from 0.1 to 1 ml of ATA Calmag per 1 liter of nutrient solution. Remember that proper dosage is key to healthy growth and development of your plants.

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