Purchase / collection of goods possible in our stationary stores GROWSHOP in KATOWICE, Warsaw and Gdansk .

Address Growshop KATOWICE: (537-334-360) NEW ADDRESS Ul. Roździeńskiego 188B, 40-208 Katowice.

Growshop WARSAW (Mokotow) address: (536-958-778) Żyzna 11, 03-613 Warsaw.

Growshop GDAŃSK address: ( 533-359-025) Mariana Pelczara 14/1, 80-175 Gdańsk.

Knurów ( 537-334-360)- possible pickup by telephone appointment, single-family house area

Growshop Tanie Jaranie (now TanieUprawianie) is the oldest growshop in Katowice, and also one of the oldest is our second store in Wroclaw. Our youngest store is the one in Warsaw's Mokotow district and the one in Gdansk. As the first store in Poland we started to approach the customer individually, taking into account their expectations and trying to best fit the offer to them, while doing everything to make the customer satisfied, safe and want to always come back to us, thanks to which we became the largest and best chain of stationary stores in Poland.

We are trusted by thousands of customers not only from Poland. Our specialties are low prices, professional advice, prompt service, the most discreet shipment in Poland and 24/7 contact and wide assortment. We always try to make the customer satisfied and return only to us.

Constantly expanding our assortment, we try to make sure that customers can get everything they need in one reliable store - without worrying about their data or being cheated.