Growshop in Katowice

For some it's a passion, for others it's a way to relax and unwind - no matter how you treat indoor plant cultivation, our growshop located in Katowice has literally everything you need for such cultivation. We meet the requirements of home growers who want to provide the best possible conditions for the development of the grown plants. In one place we have gathered various accessories, biochemicals, tools and other products used by growers.

Among other things, the offer includes lighting systems adapted to plantations of different sizes and provide plants with the right conditions for growth. Measuring devices allow for effective monitoring of growing parameters, and irrigation systems automatically supply seedlings with water in the right amounts. Professional tents for home growing are also available in our growshop. Whatever your needs, every grower will find something for himself here - feel free to contact us and place orders.

From here we ship all shipments and handle allegro orders, and from the e-store, and also accept orders by phone.

Phone: 537-334-360



Advanced Nutrients - Power of nature, power of minerals: In our Growshop Katowice we offer Advanced Nutrients fertilizers, which are not only based on natural ingredients, but are also enriched with minerals of the highest quality. As a result, your plants will receive comprehensive support, which translates into their health, growth and yield. Discover the power of nature combined with the power of minerals, only with us.

LED lamps - Lighting of the future: Our LED lamp category is the key to effective plant cultivation. At Growshop Katowice at, we proudly present Lumatek LED lamps - a brand that has revolutionized the world of plant lighting. Thanks to Lumatek's innovative solutions, our LED lamps not only save energy, but also provide the optimal spectrum of light for each stage of plant growth. Meet models such as Lumatek Zeus, Lumatek Attis or Lumatek Tekken, which are waiting for you right now, ready to enhance the quality of your crop.

Large inventory - Ready for your order: At Growshop Katowice, we make sure that our warehouses are always well stocked. We offer large inventories, which means that the products you need are available right away. Don't wait - start your cultivation immediately, using the wide assortment available in our store.

Roździeń - Quick access without traffic jams: Our Growshop Katowice is located on Roździeńskiego Street, which means instant access from any part of Silesia. Not only do you save time by avoiding traffic jams, but you also gain easy access to the highest quality plant growing products. Roździeń is a key point for plant growing enthusiasts, we invite you to visit us now!

Join the community of plant growing enthusiasts at and discover how our Growshop Katowice defines local standards, offering not only the highest quality products, but also the experience and commitment to achieve spectacular results in your growing."