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BioBizz Bio Bloom 250ml

BioBizz Bio Bloom 250ml

It contains small amounts of nitrogen and plenty of phosphorus and potassium to ensure abundant...

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  • BioBizz Bio Bloom 250ml

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BioBizz Bio-Bloom 250ml - fertilizer for flowering, 100% organic:

is an all-organic liquid fertilizer, containing small amounts of nitrogen and enough phosphorus and potassium to ensure lush flowering. Trace elements and plant hormones have also been added for better plant flowering. Bio-BLOOM contains enzymes and amino acids that work in harmony with the soil to speed up flowering and fruit bearing.

NPK 2-7-4

  • fertilizer for flowering
  • 100% organic
  • works in harmony with

the soil
  • stimulate flowering

  • improves internal processes


  • small amounts of nitrogen ( 2.0)
  • lots of phosphorus and potassium (6.0-3.5)
  • plant micronutrients
  • plant hormones
  • enzymes
  • amino acids


  • soil
  • hydro non-mechanized


  • 20 to 50ml/10 liters of water.


2,0 6,0 3,5

BioBizz products are ecologically certified:

  • Omri
  • Skal
  • EKO
BioBizz Bio Bloom 250ml

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