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-50% Terra Aquatica GHE Urtimax1l Organic immune system stimulator
  • Terra Aquatica GHE Urtimax 500ml Organic immune system stimulator - 1 - is an organic extract of nettles, containing

-50% Terra Aquatica GHE Urtimax1l Organic immune system stimulator

is an organic extract of nettles, contains silica, iron, nitrogen, potassium, magnesium of...

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Organic Plant Resistance Stimulator - Terra Aquatica GHE Urtimax

Terra Aquatica GHE Urtimax is an organic plant defense system stimulator that is based on nettle extract. As a result, it is extremely effective, yet safe for plants, soil and the environment.

Ingredients of plant origin

Terra Aquatica GHE Urtimax contains silica, iron, nitrogen, potassium and magnesium - all of which come from plants. In addition, it also provides plants with other micronutrients and enzymes that are essential for proper growth and development.

Strengthens plant immunity

Thanks to its unique formula, this immune stimulator is able to increase the plants' resistance to diseases and attacks from certain insects. In this way, it helps keep them looking healthy and lush.

Prevents yellowing of leaves

Terra Aquatica GHE Urtimax effectively prevents leaf yellowing and mineral deficiencies - common problems that can affect your plants.

Helps reduce the growth of parasites

When using this product, you will notice that it helps reduce the development of certain parasites. As a result, your plants are better protected and can grow in a healthy environment.

Directions for use

You can use Terra Aquatica GHE Urtimax at any stage of the plant's life, especially during the growing phase. It is ideal for any substrate and can be used together with fertilizers.


For soil, hydro and aero, use 50ml per 10L. For foliar spraying, use 20ml per 10L of water.


The product is available in 0.5L capacity, which is sufficient for long term use.

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